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We're happy to announce that we'll be working with Star Images again for the 2022 BLS Little League team and individual photos. Star Images proudly serves teams all across Seattle, King County, Pierce County and the broader Puget Sound area. We'll hope for good weather (currently a favorable forecast!) and smooth operations this year. If you're interested in volunteering to facilitate team photos and make sure all of our players are looking our best, please contact Hailey McDonald at [email protected] or text at 970-366-0044.

Date: April 23rd

Location: Allen Yorke Park

Tips from the photographer:

Please be ready 10-15 minutes early. Your photo time is when your team should be in front of the camera, not your arrival time. Arrive early and as soon as your team is ready, we will work with you. If the schedule is really tight for your team arrives really early and we’ll work you through. We photograph your team first then individuals so we have to wait until everyone on the team is present before beginning. As soon as your team is ready, we will begin to take your photos. Everyone in complete uniform jerseys tucked in, shoes tied and looking great. At your option, we will use your bat or mitt for props in the photos. Catchers are encouraged/suggested to gear up for your photo. It’s your photo so let's make it awesome!

Photo package information

Please use the directions below, or you can access this direct ordering link without using a password.

Photo Schedule - April 23rd

COACH         TEAM             DIVISION       PHOTO TIME

Scott Santman     Pirates                   Majors                    8:01 AM

Megan Mikkelson Mikkelson              A                             8:06 AM

Brett Ramsaur2   Ramsaur               A                             8:11 AM

Brett Wise             Wise                       Juniors                   8:13 AM

Benjamin Chaput  Chaput                   A                             8:16 AM

Kevin Karuzas      Karuzas                 T-ball                      8:21 AM

Krystal Cooper     Krystal Cooper     T-BALL                  8:26 AM

Joel Cooley           Cooley                   T-ball                      8:31 AM

Nicholas Connor   Nicholas Connor  T-ball                      8:36 AM

Michael Larson    Michael Larson    A                             8:41 AM

Michelle Richardson    Richardson           Minors SB               8:43 AM

Mike Berry        Berry/Tulloch                   Minors SB               8:46 AM

Trevor Robinson  Robinson               Minors SB               8:51 AM

Evan Moran          Shamrocks           Minors SB               8:56 AM

Jacob Hutchison     Hutchison              Minors SB               9:01 AM

Christopher Paulson    Rainiers                 Minor SB                 9:03 AM

John Crossno       Crossno                 Juniors                   9:11  AM

Courteney Bealko   Purple Thunder    Minors SB               9:16 AM

Jennifer Reinhardt  Wildcats                 Minors SB               9:21 AM

Brett Lusebrink    Lusebrink              Minors SB               9:26 AM

Patricia Conner    Conner                  Minors SB               9:31 AM

Robert Pugsley    Pugsley                 Minors SB               9:36 AM

Josh Zuckerman  Royals                    AA                           9:41 AM

Michael Griggs     Giants                    AA                           9:46 AM

Kristopher Shoemaker Nationals               AA                           9:51 AM

Jake Jackson       White Sox              AA                           9:56 AM

Lucas Kress          Pirates                   AA                           10:01 AM

Jason Guertin       Orioles                   AA                           10:06 AM

Jason Maddox      Dodgers                AA                           10:11 AM

Chuck Hall            Red Sox                 AA                           10:16 AM

John Austin           Austin                     Juniors                   10:21  AM

TJ Martin               TJ Martin               A                             10:36 AM

Tyson Deeter        Deeter                    T-ball                      10:41 AM

Team Sadler           Sadler                    T-ball                      10:46 AM

scott tompkins      Scott Tompkins    T-ball                      10:51 AM

Joy Wilson            Joy Wilson            A                             10:56 AM

Evan Skaar           Evan Skaar           T-ball                      11:01 AM

Anthoni Heffernan  Heffernan             A                             11:06 AM

Kyle Eley               Kyle Eley               A                             11:11 AM

Stephanie Slaughter1  Slaughter              A                             11:16 AM

Joel Johnson        Joel Johnson        A                             11:21 AM

Johnny Spevak    Johnny Spevak    A                             11:26 AM

Bryan Snead        Bryan Snead        A                             11:31 AM

Darrell Davis         Darrell Davis         A                             11:36 AM

Tommy Burrill       Tommy Burrill       A                             11:41 AM

Sean Mills             Sean Mills             T-ball                      11:46 AM

Jeff Grice               Grice                      T-ball                      11:51 AM

Jonathan Johnson  John Johnson       T-ball                      12:06 PM

Jason Woods     Woods                   T-ball                      12:11 PM

Ryan Abe              Rockies                  Majors                    12:16 PM

Jeff Barnes           Thunder                 Minors                    12:21 PM

Lacey Berry           Blue Thunder        Major SB                 12:26 PM

Pierre Ferguson   Rangers                 Majors                    12:31 PM

Johan Friis            Bulls                       Minors                    12:36 PM

Joel DeFazio        Joel DeFazio        T-ball                      12:41 PM

Joseph Harrison  Harrison                T-ball                      12:46 PM

Ryan Jobe             Jobe                       T-ball                      12:51 PM

Adam McDonald  Cardinals              AA                           1:01 PM

Michael McNabb  Blues Rocks          Minors                    1:06 PM

Doug Moody         Royals                    Majors                    1:11 PM

Dustin Nicholson Bulldogs                Minor SB                 1:16 PM

Evan Noble           Rockies                  AA                           1:21 PM

Jaimie Orvold       Blazing Ballers     Major SB                 1:26 PM

Robert Riddle       Scrappers             Minors                    1:31 PM

Jason Osborne     River Bandits        Minors                    1:36 PM

Scott Seibert         Cardinals              Majors                    1:41 PM

Shane Sehlin        Grizzlies                Minors                    1:46 AM

Jason Woods1     Tincaps                  Minors                    1:51 PM

Jess Workman     Dodgers                 Majors                    1:56 PM

Brett Hutton          Angels                   AA                           2:01 PM

Justin LaValley    Storm                     Minors                    2:06 PM

Alicia Lingle          Royals                    Junior SB                2:11 PM

JJ Hjorten              Mariners                AA                           2:16 PM


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